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Choosing the size of your portrait...

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The portraits in situ (photo above left) reflect mounted and framed 8 x 10' portraits - I love the way the client arranged these.  And the image to the right, shows 10 x 12' pencil portraits in situ in a line in a hallway, which I think looks wonderful!

Prices below are based on the medium 'lead and graphite pencil' (black and white), per subject.​

12 x 14' (£960) is the largest and wonderful if hanging 1 or 2 alongside each other on a large wall space. The portrait will become a statement piece within the room you choose to hang it. This size also allows me, the artist to apply a lot more detail, especially in the eyes!

10 x 12' (£870) is the standard size (most popular!) which is approx. an oversized A4. This is a great size if you want the portrait(s) to be noticed from a further distance in a room but also not too large as to have to stand back. The portrait is life-size to the child / subject facial proportions. 

8 x 10' (£750) is a little under A4 in height. This is a lovely size if you are to hang 3+ portraits together in a line on its own wall. Or amongst other art works if commissioning 1+.

6 x 8' (£640) is a miniature portrait and works beautifully if hanging amongst other collections of small art works.

Still stuck? Please contact me for more advice  - under tab 'contact'.

I do get booked up rather quickly, so if you have a particular date that you'd like the portrait(s) to be completed / delivered then do contact me as soon as possible (contact tab). Thank you!

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