Wood Transparent

2021 Rates

Pencil Portrait 
(head and collar)
6 x 8' £470 (approx A5)
8 x 10' £680 (approx A4)
10 x 12' £830 (A4+)
12 x 14' £960  (approx A3)

Pencil, Group Portraits 

(half body - A3)

12 x 16' £990 (2 subjects)

12 x 16'  £1200 (3 subjects)

12 x 16'  £1400 (4 subjects)

Colour Pastel Portrait 
(head and collar)

10 x 12' £1200 (A4+)
12 x 14' £1400 (approx A3)
14 x 16' £1650 (A3+)
16' x 20' £1900 (approx A2)
Other sizes POA

Acrylic & Ink
14 x 18' £700
16 x 20' £900
20 x 24' £1100
Other sizes POA

Oil Portrait on Canvas

(head and shoulders) 
14 x 16' £2300

16 x 20' £2700
20 x 24' £3200
Other sizes POA


The first step would be to get in touch, using the contact form. Please leave a description as to what size and medium you are interested in, how many subjects in question and where you are based. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.  


Once we have confirmed the size and medium, I will then send you a deposit invoice, amounting to 30% of the total rate which will confirm the commission and put you on the waiting list.  


Deposit paid, we can now discuss a date (usually a Saturday morning) as to when I will visit you for the photo shoot. This will take place at your home which will give me the opportunity to get to know your children / loved one / pet in a comfortable and familiar environment. I will play games like eye spy while capturing your child absorbed in play, to get those 'all natural' shots that I like to work from. After this, together we will narrow down your favourite shots via email.  

The portrait(s) will be completed within 1-6 months of enquiring - depending on where you are on my waiting list. However, If you have a specific date in mind, such as a birthday or anniversary, then I will endeavour to get it completed on time. 

The *unframed pencil and pastel portraits will be delivered free (as part of the cost) and will all come mounted and protected. 

I get booked up rather quickly, so if you have a particular date that you'd like the portrait(s) to be completed / delivered then do contact me as soon as possible.


Should you require advice regarding framing, I am happy to assist. For a fee, I can also organise the framing, if required. The framing, once completed will be payable by the client, as well as courier charges if you should want the portrait(s) delivered. I will agree a maximum framing budget with the client prior to organising and then take the portraits to my local framer - 'Bespoke Framing, Penn'.  Do ask if you'd like to see some examples of my work framed by my wonderful framer and I can send you some photo's via email.


My travel, the photography, mounting of the portraits and the delivery are all part of the costs above.