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The procedure of the commission for UK based clients:

1. Once we have confirmed the size (please see information on the sizes available, scrolling to the bottom of the page) I will then send you a deposit invoice which (once paid) will confirm the commission and put you on the waiting list. 


2. Deposit paid, we can now discuss a date as to when you can visit me at my home / studio, where I will photograph your child / pet / loved one, for me to work from. If you prefer the shots to be done at your home (advisable so the subject is in their own and familiar environment which will produce the most natural shots) then my photographer, Hannah Milsom (a professional portrait photographer) will visit you for the shoot (included in the cost) and I will work from these photo's.  If you are further than 100 miles from Marlow, then please follow the advice below (International clients) in *taking your own photos.

3. The portrait(s) will be completed within 1-6 months of enquiring - depending on where you are on my waiting list. However, If you have a specific date in mind, such as a birthday or anniversary, then I will endeavour to get it completed on time. 

The unframed pencil and pastel portraits will be delivered free (UK only) and will come mounted and protected. I can also sort the framing (please click on the commissions tab's drop down menu - 'framing' for all info.

International clients:

I will require photo's from your own collection. Please follow the advice below. Shipping will be charged at a flat fee of £50, be it France, Dubai, USA or Australia.

It is best to use a professional quality photograph (make sure you have permission), but you may choose to provide your own photographs as well. Follow the suggestions below to achieve great results from your own photos.


*Choosing a photo from your personal collection:
Choose a photo that is focused and of high resolution (no smaller than 1.5mb). If you’re able to see eyelashes and clear reflections in the eyes, then the photo will be of the quality I like to work from.
Choose a facial expression that you feel represents your little one, as you know them well.
Consider using a photograph that has a softer smile, or a more neutral relaxed expression as opposed to a big grin. This gives the portrait a more traditional and timeless feel. I like to use the example; if you imagine the child seated for the artist, you wouldn’t find them grinning hours on end – it wouldn’t be natural. Best to save those lovely big grinning shots for your framed snapshots.

Taking your own photos rather than choosing one you already have? Here's how:
Position your camera or mobile phone so it is slightly higher than eye level with your subject, just a few inches.
Do not use a flash feature. This washes out interesting details and creates a "flat" look to the photo. Instead, try to use natural lighting. 

No direct sunlight on the face! This will usually overexpose lovely areas of the face, thus losing detail. It will also make the child squint slightly. 


When I go to see my clients at their home / how I direct my photographer to take the typical shots I like to work from, I  / Hannah will usually have a walk around the house to find the most naturally lit room. I will then grab a chair and place it about 1-2 metres away from me and a large window. I will have my back to the window, standing slightly to the left or right of said window, so not to block the light. The child will be sitting, facing the window and either looking at me/the camera or gazing out of the window to get a lovely 3-quarter angle poise. Hopefully the light will be bathing about two thirds of the face. This will give a bit of a shadow on one side which makes for a far better portrait. 

Choosing a size

12 x 14'  The largest sized portrait will become a statement piece within the room you choose to hang it. This size also allows me to apply a lot more detail, especially in the eyes!

10 x 12'  This is the standard size (most popular!) which is approx. A4. This is a great size if you want the portrait(s) to be noticed from a further distance in a room but also not too large as to have to stand back. The portrait is just under life-size to the child / subject facial proportions. 

8 x 10'  A little under A4 in height. This is a lovely size if you are to hang 3+ portraits together in a line on its own wall. Or in a pyramid format shown in the shot, below left.

6 x 8'  A miniature portrait and works beautifully if hanging amongst other collections of small art works or in small spaces. 

I do get booked up rather quickly, so if you have a particular date that you'd like the portrait(s) to be completed / delivered then do contact me as soon as possible (contact tab).


Thank you for your interest

An example of three 8 x 10' portraits

10 x 12' pencil portraits

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