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Prices include professional home photography, portrait mounting, and delivery of unframed portraits.

Commission Procedure for UK Clients:


  1. Confirm size and medium and pay a deposit (30%) to secure a spot on the waiting list.

  2. We will schedule a photo session at your home using my lovely and professional photographer, Hannah. I will then use these photo's to work on the portrait (all part of the cost).  For locations over 100 miles from Marlow, follow international client guidelines for taking your own photos.

  3. Portraits are completed within 1-6 months, with consideration for specific dates. Unframed portraits are delivered free in the UK; framing options are available - please click the framing tab in the menu bar.

International Clients:

  • Provide high-resolution photos following the guidelines below - these can be emailed over.

  • Shipping is a flat fee of £50.

Tips for Choosing/Providing Photos:

  • Use focused, high-resolution photos with clear reflections in the eyes.

  • Opt for softer smiles or neutral expressions for a timeless feel.

  • For taking your own photos, position the camera slightly above eye level, avoid using flash, and ensure natural lighting without direct sunlight on the face.

Choosing a size

12 x 14'  The largest sized portrait will become a statement piece within the room you choose to hang it. This size also allows me to apply a lot more detail, especially in the eyes!

10 x 12'  This is the standard size (most popular!) which is approx. A4. This is a great size if you want the portrait(s) to be noticed from a further distance in a room but also not too large as to have to stand back. The portrait is just under life-size to the child / subject facial proportions. 

8 x 10'  A little under A4 in height. This is a lovely size if you are to hang 3+ portraits together in a line on its own wall. Or in a pyramid format.

6 x 8'  A miniature portrait and works beautifully if hanging amongst other collections of small art works or in small spaces, such as a coving in a room or a small bathroom. 

I do get booked up rather quickly, so if you have a particular date that you'd like the portrait(s) to be completed / delivered then do contact me as soon as possible (contact tab).

Pencil Portrait 
6 x 8' (A5)                    £680 
8 x 10' (A4)                 £780 
10 x 12' (A4+)           £870 
12 x 14' (A3)              £960 

Other sizes POA


Colour Pastel Portrait

10 x 12' (A4+)           £1350 
12 x 14' (A3)              £1590 
14 x 16' (A3+)           £1900 
16' x 20' (A2)             £2300 
Other sizes POA



Pencil, Group Portraits

10 x 12'    £950     (2 subjects, miniature)

12 x 14'    £1260  (2 subjects)

12 x 16'    £1780  (3 subjects)

16 x 20’.    £2150  (4 subjects)

Other sizes POA

Framing service: The frame is charged at a flat fee of £135 on top, per subject. Please go to the ‘framing’ tab to see frame examples.

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